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Commission Rates

British Columbia: 7% on the first 100K 3% on the balance
Ontario: 5% across the board

My Trusted Client Referral Program.

I want to show my appreciation for those clients who go out and promote my business. I have come up with a new program to show that appreciation.

For every referral that you send me I will reduce my commission on my side of your next deal by .05%  (up to $1000) for each and every referral you send me that results in a sale. This Reduced commission will be credited on the next sale that you and I enter into whether you are selling your property or purchasing a new one.



The referral must result in a sale

This is only for my side of the deal not the cooperating realtors side

The .05% is up to $1000 (reduced commission on the first $200,000 of a sale the remainder of the sale with be paid a full 2.5% commission for my side of the deal)

Not to be combined with any other discounts or reduction in commissions 

The referral is only given once for each person sent. (for example if you send me someone and I end up selling them 3 houses over the years, the deal is just for their first sale.)

How could you get my services free on your next sale?

 If the house you are buying or selling is under $200,000 and you have sent me 5 referrals that all resulted in a sale you would get my services for free.